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The Beginners Guide to Marijuana Distribution

Ch.3 Trust

Ch.1 The Decision To Start Dealing
Ch.2 Finding a Supplier
Ch.3 Trust
Ch.4 Weed on the Front
Ch.5 Finding Customers
Ch.6 Ethics in Drug Dealing
Ch.7 Honesty and Lies
Ch.8 Judging Weed
Ch.9 Doctoring your product
Ch.10 Necessary Equipment
Ch.11 Phones, Cell Phones and Pagers
Ch.12 Guns
Ch.13 All About Bicycles
Ch.14 Clothing
Ch.15 All about automobiles
Ch.16 Dealing From Your Home
Ch.17 Weights, Measurements, Prices and Mathematics
Ch.18 The Ideal Customer
Ch.19 To Front or Not to Front
Ch.20 Growing Your Business
Ch.21 Keeping Your Mouth Shut
Ch.22 Avoiding Rip-Offs
Ch.23 Carrying and Hiding Your Weed
Ch.24 Dealing With Cops
Ch.25 Your rights and the police
Ch.26 If The Cops Search Your Home
Ch.27 If You Get Arrested
Ch.28 Spotting a Narc or Undercover Cop
Ch.29 Awareness of People and Surroundings
Ch. 30 Managing Paranoia
Ch.31 Managing your Money
Ch.32 Managing Your Smoking Habits
Ch.33 How to Roll a Sack


Occasionally you'll find a dealer or customer who just doesn't trust you. If pe is an open and honest person, pe will tell you to your face, and allow you the opportunity to defend yourself; otherwise you might hear about per distrust through a mutual friend. Either way, my strong suggestion is to NEVER allow yourself to become mad or offended because someone doesn't trust you, no matter what the reasons. If someone doesn't trust you right away, or asks you question after question in an attempt to get a feel for you, or interrogates your friends about you, or wants a complete tour of your house before getting down to business, these are all VERY good signs. It shows the dealer is thinking, and isn't willing to take unnecessary risks. It shows that pe is not an idiot; and the last thing you want is an idiot for a supplier.

But keep in mind, too, that undercovers and narcs often show a certain amount of distrust to make themselves more realistic.

And you must keep in mind that there are different aspects to trust. Just because you trust someone not to turn you into the cops, doesn't necessarily mean you can trust the person to keep per mouth shut, and doesn't necessarily mean pe won't try to rip you off. And just because you can trust someone to not purposefully do something to you, doesn't necessarily mean you can trust per not to do something stupid, like put your name and number in per stash jar, then drop it on the sidewalk.

Beginner's Guide to Marijuana Distribution, Chapter 3