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The Beginners Guide to Marijuana Distribution
Ch.12 Guns
Ch.1 The Decision To Start Dealing
Ch.2 Finding a Supplier
Ch.3 Trust
Ch.4 Weed on the Front
Ch.5 Finding Customers
Ch.6 Ethics in Drug Dealing
Ch.7 Honesty and Lies
Ch.8 Judging Weed
Ch.9 Doctoring your product
Ch.10 Necessary Equipment
Ch.11 Phones, Cell Phones and Pagers
Ch.12 Guns
Ch.13 All About Bicycles
Ch.14 Clothing
Ch.15 All about automobiles
Ch.16 Dealing From Your Home
Ch.17 Weights, Measurements, Prices and Mathematics
Ch.18 The Ideal Customer
Ch.19 To Front or Not to Front
Ch.20 Growing Your Business
Ch.21 Keeping Your Mouth Shut
Ch.22 Avoiding Rip-Offs
Ch.23 Carrying and Hiding Your Weed
Ch.24 Dealing With Cops
Ch.25 Your rights and the police
Ch.26 If The Cops Search Your Home
Ch.27 If You Get Arrested
Ch.28 Spotting a Narc or Undercover Cop
Ch.29 Awareness of People and Surroundings
Ch. 30 Managing Paranoia
Ch.31 Managing your Money
Ch.32 Managing Your Smoking Habits
Ch.33 How to Roll a Sack


Before I state my recommendations, I should say that I wholeheartedly support the second amendment, as I am an anarchist and believe the power should be in the hands of the people, and not our Gestapo-like police force.

Having said that, I feel that anyone who feels that a gun is necessary for protection needs to get the hell out of per situation. If you're worried about rip-offs, an iron safe, welded to your floor is a far more intelligent method of prevention.

I once met a middle-aged woman who dealt multiple pounds and frequently carried tens of thousands of dollars in cash, and refused to be in the same room with a gun, much less own one. She had been career-dealing marijuana successfully for over fifteen years, and never been busted, never been ripped off. She showed me one day, a briefcase-one that looked like any other, but when I reached out to touch it she warned me that it would zap me with a painful jolt, then showed me by poking it with a stick. The case had two combination locks, and one key lock. The first combo pad deactivated the electrical shock, and the second combo pad had to be used with the key lock to open the case. There was also an easily concealable handcuff chain to lock the case to your wrist. And if I remember correctly, she even claimed that the case was bullet-resistant. My point is that if you're convinced that you need to protect yourself, there are numerous other options that are not as dangerous as a gun.

The number one drawback to a gun (other than the fact that they kill people) is that if you have a gun with you when you're busted, even if it's a perfectly legal hunting rifle, the penalties for your charges will automatically double.

So my recommendation is that if you have guns in your home, or anywhere near your drugs, either get rid of them, store them at a friend's house, or take them to your local police station, where they more than likely have free storage lockers for firearms.

So if you're thinking you need a gun, I say you should think again. Marijuana is supposed to be about peace, and distributing marijuana should be about increasing the peace.

If one of your customers or suppliers feels a gun is necessary for protection, I recommend viewing this as a warning sign. Ask yourself what pe might have done to become so fearful of people wanting to hurt per.

Beginner's Guide to Marijuana Distribution, Chapter 12