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The Beginners Guide to Marijuana Distribution
Ch.28 Spotting a Narc or Undercover Cop
Ch.1 The Decision To Start Dealing
Ch.2 Finding a Supplier
Ch.3 Trust
Ch.4 Weed on the Front
Ch.5 Finding Customers
Ch.6 Ethics in Drug Dealing
Ch.7 Honesty and Lies
Ch.8 Judging Weed
Ch.9 Doctoring your product
Ch.10 Necessary Equipment
Ch.11 Phones, Cell Phones and Pagers
Ch.12 Guns
Ch.13 All About Bicycles
Ch.14 Clothing
Ch.15 All about automobiles
Ch.16 Dealing From Your Home
Ch.17 Weights, Measurements, Prices and Mathematics
Ch.18 The Ideal Customer
Ch.19 To Front or Not to Front
Ch.20 Growing Your Business
Ch.21 Keeping Your Mouth Shut
Ch.22 Avoiding Rip-Offs
Ch.23 Carrying and Hiding Your Weed
Ch.24 Dealing With Cops
Ch.25 Your rights and the police
Ch.26 If The Cops Search Your Home
Ch.27 If You Get Arrested
Ch.28 Spotting a Narc or Undercover Cop
Ch.29 Awareness of People and Surroundings
Ch. 30 Managing Paranoia
Ch.31 Managing your Money
Ch.32 Managing Your Smoking Habits
Ch.33 How to Roll a Sack

Spotting a Narc or Undercover Cop

The number one most common way for a dealer to get busted is to have an informant rat per out. My advice is to stay aware of people's actions, and think about their motivations for those actions, during absolutely every deal that you make. A seemingly trustworthy person can turn to a narc pretty quick with the types of intimidation, threats and lies that the police will feed per. Most people busted for a crime will be given the opportunity to rat on their drug dealers and friends. Rapists and murderers probably aren't offered this opportunity, but just about everybody else is, and drug users/dealers are always offered the chance, except in very rare circumstances. Usually, police won't spend much time chasing someone they know wouldn't be willing to rat on per friends.

The following are indicators to look for when trying to determine if a particular customer or supplier is an informant for the police. These, of course, are not absolute indicators. A really good Narc, backed by determined police won't show any of these signs, or might show just a couple, but more often than not, the police don't take the time to do things really well. If they screw up a deal, it doesn't matter to them because there's always other drug dealers to chase. They'd rather do thing's as quickly as possible, and risk having a few cases thrown out in order to bust as many people as they possibly can. The result is that they push and threaten their informants hard and don't allow them the time to make a deal in a professional and patient manner.




Wish to meet outside, in a parking lot
Need to be accompanied by a friend
Never be willing to front money
Want to make the deal within the hour or
Wish to set an exact time to make the deal
Try to control most aspects of the deal
Say, "I'm not a narc," "Don't worry, I'm cool" etc.
Try to avoid making the deal in your home or car
Not be available to make a deal on short notice
Call from an unusual phone number
Use pressure tactics if you're unsure about making the deal
Offer the best deal in the neighborhood
Reassure you that there's "nothing to worry about"
Become pushy if you brush off the deal or delay it
Forget phone courtesies and openly discuss the deal
Prefer to make the deal between 6AM and 11Pm
Be evasive or unwilling to talk about recent legal troubles
Quickly switch from customer to dealer or vice versa

Narcs might

or might not:

Be willing to make eye contact with you
Be willing to hang out for long periods of time
Be willing to do lots of drugs with you
Try to argue about price
Play by the rules (whatever those may be)
Try to buy as much as they possibly can

Undercover cops are only slightly different than narcs and may or may not be willing to do drugs with you, but possibly will avoid the idea, and probably won't be willing to do large quantities or "harder" drugs. I suspect, however, that this changes as a person gets into the big time, and the cops are more desperate to make a large bust. Most of the points I listed for narcs also apply to undercover cops, except that undercovers are more willing to deal with you on your own turf, and may be available for short-notice deals. One common myth is that if asked, an undercover cop has to admit that pe is a cop. This used to be true years ago, but I should stress, undercover cops can legally lie about anything they want. Remember also, that an undercover or narc can be either a dealer or a customer, and can arrest people by both selling or buying.

But the best advice I could ever give another dealer is simply LISTEN TO YOUR INSTINCTS. Use your common sense. The things I've listed on this page are merely indicators. It all depends on how crafty or desperate the narc is, how bored the police are or how much they dislike you, et-cetera. If something doesn't seem right, cancel the deal or at least delay the deal and test the reaction. If the person seems to panic, you've got your red flag. At the very least, change some aspect of the deal and test the reaction. You don't need to grab for every dollar that floats past your nose. Have enough self confidence to back out even at the last second if a red flag goes up. There will always be more deals.

If you do happen to suspect a person of being an informant, my suggestions are to first, do not accuse the person to per face. If pe is a narc, you don't want to be making an enemy out of per. But do not allow the person to see any aspect of your dealing, and do not allow the person in your home for any reason. Again, be nice about it. Remember that you have every right to kick someone out of your home on just a vague suspicion, but you don't have the right to be an asshole about it, or accuse and condemn without proof.

If you do suspect a Narc, ask everyone about per. Try to find out more information, and if your suspicions are confirmed, warn absolutely everybody that might be a target for the narc. And depending on the situation, if you're feeling noble, talk to the narc, and try to make per understand the mistake pe is making.

Beginner's Guide to Marijuana Distribution, Chapter 28